Now watching : Fantastic vintage archive. The Glasgow gig with Bill Bruford on drums, it’s just so great!!

Another visit to Ikea to find new furnitures to organize my new home studio :)

Now watching

Today’s playlist :)

New Spleen Arcana HQ almost ready :)

My new cd corner :D

Time to unpack :))

Welcome to Brittany! :p First day here unpacking all our boxes, we deserve a fresh local beer!! :P

My gear is safe :p

So here is the “mystery album” album I received yesterday :)

Just received this vinyl, one of my fav albums of all times from the 70’s that I never found on CD. Would you guess what it is? I’ll send a Bandcamp download code to download one of my albums to the first who guess ;)

Goodbye good old computer! I recorded my first album with this one! #nostalgic

This is what’s left of my home studio where I recorded my second album. Can’t wait to move to my new place!!

Today’s vinyls haul :)

Vinyls + Kilkenny + Brittany = Happiness